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Are you where you want to be? If not, "gardening" your thoughts can change the course of your life

Did you know your thoughts grow just like seeds! The science of neuroplasticity is proving the old saying, "You are what you think!"

Gardening Tip #1: You are what you think, so guard your thoughts carefully!

Thoughts literally form out of nothing and create the matter of your brain! Just think about this for a moment. Thoughts are nothing but thin air but when you think those invisible thoughts they magically change into chemicals that form tangible, x-rayable brain matter. Then they attach to your existing neurons and grow into complex clusters that release either happy or sad chemical reactions that affect your whole body.

That's crazy stuff, but it gets even crazier!

Gardening Tip #2: Sleep on it before you make decisions!

Those thoughts network together and form information highways to solve problems even when you're sleeping. This proves another old adage "to sleep on it" before making decisions. When you ask yourself a question before you go to bed, your fantastic brain searches for all the information it can find—while you're sleeping— to help you make better decisions.

Gardening Tip #3:

You have the power to renew and transform your mind through your thoughts!

Those superpowers, problem-solving skills imagine new inventions, write songs, create processes, fall in love, contemplate life, and develop your values and belief systems! they create your information pathways and they determine how you view life and live it. In essence, as you think, so you become.

Just as a seed has unlimited potential within it, so does the power of your thoughts to create the life of your dreams.

Step #6 - Train your brain to win!

The difference between winning and losing is often a mindset. Your brain tries to fulfill what you tell it. If you say you can’t do something your brain “grows” that thought and it will not only NOT look for a solution, it will sabotage you so you can’t find one. If you say you can, your brain doesn’t know it can’t.

Use these tools with the Championeers! ESE Unit, Cowpie County to teach children how to solve problems, think happy, healthy thoughts, and discover their incredible worth!

For Happy, Healthy Homes and Schools!


Deanna Rhinehart, Championeers! Emotional Safety Education Systems | 6 of 12 Cowpie County ESE Adventures!



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