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ESE Training course


Learn how 5 minutes a day can transform your class into a center of innovation, self-governance, and high achievement!


Discover the 7 Essential Elements required for social and emotional health and happiness while developing a campus culture students thrive in!


Provide tools for life that promote both academic and social problem-solving skills—all while students have a blast!

- FREE Audited Class! valued at $497 per teacher (Opt. PD credit for professional enrichment or ESE Certification is only $99 with the ESE Grant. Requires congruent enrollment with our partner college.)

Deanna Rhinehart has spent over 30 years in research and development in Emotional Safety Education and Campus Culture Development.

Discover Real Answers | Develop Emotional Safety
Stop Peer Pressure | Captivate Students 

$10,000 ESE GRANTS

in training and resources, per school, per year for Emotional Safety Education and Campus Culture Development

The ESE Training Course is provided through
the ESE Grant in a variety of formats.

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Online - Classroom Adventures!

Online - Music Adventures!

Online or Hybrid/Workshop - School-Wide Adventures!

Opt. Onsite Live Workshops 

Opt. PD Credits Available

The course link is sent to you with your welcome package.





Are your students emotionally safe?


Most educators think so, yet suicide and homicide are the 2nd and 3rd leading cause of death among children as young as 10 years old. Two million youth attempt suicide each and every year! Our children are in an epic crisis of critical youth issues with no real solutions on the horizon. 


Emotional Safety Education is the answer! Instead of constantly addressing the symptoms, Championeers! goes after the core issues behind some of our nation's greatest youth challenges to help eradicate them at their root. 


... and the beauty of this highly sophisticated approach is that kids go crazy over it!  This unique system can be adapted to be taught by a single music teacher or as a campus-wide program.





  • Discover how profoundly Emotional Safety and IQ-EQ connection affects all aspects of education and productivity, including campus culture.


  • Discover how campus culture is formed, its roots in survival instincts, the role of peer pressure and how you can empower your students for innovation, self-governance, and high achievement.


  • To discover the Seven Essential Elements of emotional safety and empowerment.  





Attend a 7.5 hour workshop/online course and participate in a final project to demonstrate understanding and application of emotional safety, campus culture and IQ-EQ Leadership Education. To demonstrate competency: 


  • Students will write a report, utilizing the data collected from the accumulation of course assignments, on what they want in a "Dream" campus/classroom and how they intend to achieve it, or


  • Students will create an annual campus/classroom culture assessment and improvement plan that includes IQ-EQ Leadership Education and emotional health strategies, or


  • Students will implement the Championeers! system in their school or classroom and submit an evaluation report of effectiveness. 










ESE Certification

This course is FREE to audit with your ESE Grant. Teachers and schools working toward their optional ESE Certification will need to complete the PD course to earn their certificate of completion.

FREE audit with ESE GRANT


Online Peer Power Course 


COST: FREE ($497 Value)

The link is in included with your Championeers! ESE purchase and sent with your welcome pack.




To receive optional PD Credits or to achieve ESE Certification Level 1, congruent enrollment is required with our partner college.

Click the button below to enroll in the Peer Power ESE Training Course and receive a link to our partner college for congruent enrollment.

Opt. PD Credits or ESE Certification Level 1


Unit 1: A School Transformed

A School Transformed: Discover the tools used to transform a school with a 50% dropout rate into a center of innovation, self-governance, and creativity.



Unit 2: Critical Youth Issues

Critical Youth Issues: You'll explore the issues contributing to two million youth suicide attempts each year and how you can help eradicate them on your campus.



Unit 3: The IQ-EQ Music Connection

The IQ-EQ Connection: Discover the devastating results of IQ-EQ disconnect, why only 1% of the population properly utilizes both hemispheres of the brain, and how to develop neural pathways that connect and engage the entire brain to increase both academic and social problem-solving skills.







Unit 4: Campus Culture

Campus Culture: You'll discover the real culprit behind peer pressure, how “Survival of the Fittest” is alive and well on every school campus, and how it can be flipped into peer power for optimal achievement.



Unit 5: Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure: You'll discover the real roots of peer pressure, how it operates, why it is so powerful, and why it's almost impossible to stop without IQ-EQ Education.



Unit 6: Emotional Safety

Emotional Safety: You’ll learn the IQ-EQ Secret Sauce for emotional safety and peer empowerment— and how to use it to equip students to succeed in school while gaining skills for life.








Unit 7: The RHOPE Strategy Overview

I'll teach you the 7 Essential Elements every child must have for empowerment and optimal achievement and how you can implement them on your campus through one, simple tool that does all the work for you!



Unit 8: Conclusion and Application 

The RHOPE Strategy: I'll teach you the 7 Essential Elements of Emotional Safety and how they unlock the creative and academic potential within students. 











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