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Expect a child to amaze you... and they will. - Deanna 


I am passionate about the emotional safety of children, much of which is directly linked to peer pressure and campus culture. As the result of a suicide epidemic that took place on my high school campus, I've dedicated my life to helping educators and parents create happy, healthy, emotionally safe schools.

My journey began when our high school had a suicide epidemic. It impacted me deeply as these were my friends. Everything I've done since then has somehow involved the nourishment of identity in others.


The turning point of my life came when I was working in a school with a violent campus culture and a 50% drop out rate, I had exhausted every teaching method i knew, with little impact to engage these students. Then I had an idea:


I used music to teach.


... and with that, everything changed. I was able to infuse tools I had learned from my psychology degree into specially designed songs that bypassed their defense mechanisms. All the issues they were unable to talk about, they could sing about and find the answers they so desperately needed.


For the first time, my students were engaged. They cared. They were present. They took ownership. The bullying stopped. They were courteous and enthusiastic. They began to dream. They began to heal, and they began to succeed. 


Today I continue my pursuit to protect and empower children by giving my emotional safety education system to any educator who will join me in this passion. It breaks my heart to think of the number of precious kids who suffer in silence, all alone surrounded by a whole classroom of kids. We might not know their pain, but as their teacher, we can bring them hope. Championeers! provides that hope.


Together we can do this!




Deanna is available to speak, teach or put on workshops for:


  • Businesses

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Adult/Youth Leadership Forums

  • PTA Conferences

  • Educators Conferences

  • Principal Conventions

  • Superintendent Conventions

  • Homeschool Organizations

  • Youth Rallies and Retreats

  • Women's Ministry Events

  • Church Conferences


Deanna Rhinehart is a forerunner in Emotional Safety Education and Campus Culture Development. Her background in education, business, psychology, leadership training, and the performing arts provides a vast range of experience, as she pulls from all these arenas, to address critical youth issues. Among Deanna's credits are:


  • A forerunner in emotional safety education and the Creator of the Championeers! Emotional Safety Education System

  • Author of more than 60 books, series, and leadership-themed musical productions 

  • Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in child and adolescent psychology and music education

  • A forerunner in IQ-EQ leadership training and campus culture development

  • Musical Expertise and teaching experience in pre-k through post-graduate

  • Former Owner/Director of one of the largest music conservatories outside the Seattle area

  • 30-years teaching experience including the Championeers! Children's Theater and Production Studios

  • The developer of the Network Piano Teaching System

  • Founder, and President of Champions College 


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