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3 life lessons you can teach children using a pumpkin!

How to teaching lessons that stick.

Did you know carving pumpkins creates a perfect teachable moment? Join Cooper (my grandson) and I and we'll show you how to use a pumpkin to teach children 3 powerful life-lessons.

The secret weapon here is in attaching the lesson with the pumpkin. Object lessons create a stickiness factor that creates recall of the lesson when the object is seen in other environments or circumstances.Our brain does this because of its highly sophisticated network of schemas. The real pearl, however, is not the pumpkin lessons (although, they are pretty impactful and easily remembered by chidlren), it's how to teach children to use their gifts as I'm demonstrating with Cooper. One of the most powerful secret weapons of teaching happy, healthy kids is to help them find their purpose by nurturing their gifts and talents. Cooper is only 4-years old but already you'll see what a natural communicator he is. No one taught him this, it's just in him. When we nurture these gifts in children, we help them discover the bigger "why" for their life and instill a greater purpose that's essential for emotional health and safety... which in turn leads to happy, healthy lives. Click the link below to get the lesson download and demonstration video of "3 Life Lessons You Can Teach With a Pumpkin" and see how easy it is to teach your children lessons that stick!

For Happy, Healthy Homes and Schools!


Deanna Rhinehart, Championeers! Emotional Safety Education Systems





Championeers! just got even easier to use. Now parents and teachers can develop emotionally safe, happy, healthy homes and classrooms without being part of a school-wide implementation system. Easy. Fun. Powerful.  


Join Grandpa Blue Jeans and his barnyard family as they learn to calm their fears and problem-solve when calamity threatens to take the farm. This FREE, done-for-you, follow along lesson introduces powerful coping tools to help children find emotional safety when life feels out-of-control.  Get your free lesson and start building your happy, healthy homes and classrooms today!



For about the same price as a grande' latte, you can get all the same fun and powerful ESE lessons in a done-for-you themed monthly subscription. Designed for busy parents and teachers to introduce a single concept into your home or classroom culture then build on it throughout the month. Just follow along and enjoy! ESE Grants provide 50% savings!



Now available in Classroom, School-Wide, PTA/PTO, Music, After-School,

Homeschool, Co-op, Day Care, Sunday School, and Home Adventures!

$10,000 ESE GRANTS

Receive up to $10,000 in resources and training, per campus, per year for Emotional Safety Education!

  • Done-for-You, All-in-One, Follow-Along Fun!

  • Develop happy, healthy homes, and schools!

  • Digital classroom and online learning!

  • Self-funding

Every Child Deserves to be Emotionally Safe

ESE Grants cover most costs!


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