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What to do when kids meltdown.

There are few things as frustrating as an out-of-control child, but there are tools to teach children what to do when their emotions run high.

In both parenting and education, teaching children to self-monitor and regulate is one of the more challenging tasks. If we do not master this craft, however, the children in our care will "own" us, controling the narrative by demanding us to make them happy. This series does not address the symptoms or what to do in the moment of a meltdown as some of my other articles, but rather how to equip children at the root level to help eliminate out-of-control behavior.

Teaching children (from the ages of one to one-hundred) to self-regulate is not an easy task. From birth we get what we need by crying. Toddlers quickly learn to get their way by throwing fits, and teens can be an emotional quadrin waiting to boil over on anyone who looks at them the wrong way. If children do not aquire the tools for self-regulation they often become adults who continue to expect others to provide their happiness.

These tools are not just for the noise makers in your home or classroom. In fact, the noisy ones are the easiest to identify as lacking these tools, but every child needs to develop and master these steps to reach their highest potential. They are part of our problem-solving skills to develop happy, healthy mindsets and life-success habits.

The Championeers! Emotional Safety unit and Family Night Adventure series - Cowpie County addresses this issue through the process of neuroplasticity. This is the brain's ability to create its reality and define how one views and approaches the world around them. It places the responsibility for one's happiness directly in the hands of a child with a series of tools to teach them to differentiate between their mind (their will) and their brain (the organ).

In essence, we equip children to BE THE BOSS of their own emotions.

We start step one with celebrating the amazing brain's built-in programing to keep us alive, safe, happy, and driven to win. With this we explore how a well-trained brain can take every event in our lives, even the most devestating, to create the beautiful mossaic-masterpiece called, "you". We continue this exploration of our brain's built-in healing processes by introducing tool #1: "You're the boss of you, and you have the ability to tell your brain what to do."

This single tool establishes personal responsibiltiy for one's actions by providing instructions to be in control of you. When these tools are not taught to children the challenges of life, and the injustices we all face can leave us feeling shattered and broken instead of whole, beautiful, and empowered.

Step #1 is to teach your brain you're the boss of it.

For Happy, Healthy Schools and Homes!


Founder of Emotional Safety Education and the Championeers! ESE System

Get out of the rat race and come home to your family.

We're all in this together. Pass these tools along to your friends and family who have little people in their lives!

Emotional Safety Education Systems

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Now you can provide emotional safety education to the children you love at home, in your classroom or throughout your entire school. Click Here for details.


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