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The truth about "Good" children

I love the way my children respond when their siblings get in trouble. They might as well jumped up and down shouting, "I'm the good one."

They pull out all the stops to make their point. They suddenly have excellent manners, they point out what they're doing right and make sure I know they're not doing what their sibling did wrong.

I just thought my kids were weird, but I realized my students basically did the same thing in my classrooms. It appears that there is something in us that wants to be, "The Good One" and we want everyone else to know it too.

This observation was also noted in our Championeers! prototype schools. For example, of all the songs in Caveman Rock, It’s Your Future, proved to be one of the kids’ favorites! How could that song outrank Caveman Pizza? Our students loved every song, and each new song became their new favorite, but this is the one in the exit polls that ranked head and shoulders above the rest.

Your children may or may not respond to It's Your Future the way I've noted here, but if they do, it’s worth exploring. The music is fun and has a cool feel to it, but it's no more fun than the rest of the songs. Our hunch is that the kids liked the idea of a mirror helping Al-x know what to do; that or they just liked slicking back their hair!

Either way, the kids seemed to identify with the future Al-x reminding him of how good life is when he makes right choices.

We don’t just pull that conclusion out of the air. We have multiple productions where we are shocked at “The Students’ Choice” Award. The pattern seems to be the song that calls out the good in them.

For years, we’ve experimented by stacking our productions up next to the top songs on the Billboard charts. Students like the chart-toppers, but they didn’t react to them in the same way. Time and time again we have found that our songs, which connect to stories, are met with greater anticipation and engagement than those kids hear on the radio.

My conclusion is children want to know they are good and that you believe in them. They welcome the hard work that’s awarded by achievement and they want to make great choices. Championeers! provides you with tools to teach children how to think through cause and effect reasoning on their own so they can make great choices throughout their lives!

Together, we can do this,


Get out of the rat race and come home to your family.

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