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Student Survey Instructions


Welcome to Click-Classes. This interactive format is designed so you can have as much fun as your students developing campus culture and emotional safety without all the prep! We're the experts in ESE (Emotional Safety Education) so let us walk you through the lessons. As an education expert, you'll catch the concepts quickly and can use them as a springboard in your classroom.  Here are a few instructions to help you quickly and easily implement your Click-Classes.


Below is a snapshot of your Caveman Rock Click-Class overview. You can access it from your "Lesson Overview" email. Keep this overview handy for easy access to all lessons and resources whenever you want them. Your Click-Class may contain different content depending on your grade level or if you are a music teacher or classroom teacher and may contain one-three link boxes. This is only an example.

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Developing emotional safety on your campus is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. It can even save their lives.


Together, we can do this.


Deanna and Brittney

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