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How to teach kids to think —before they act.

How you live your life is determined by how you think about it. You have the ability to crack open the door to your thoughts to consider why you think the way you do and make adjustments.

One of the great superpowers of your brain is your imagination but sometimes our imagination goes wild. The brain has the ability to fill in missing information so it can guess what to do. This can be good, or this can be bad. Mind over Matter is choosing to be moved by your mind and not by the matter (the situation at hand).

The well-trained brain doesn’t jump to conclusions, it carefully considers all the facts. An example of this might be when your friend doesn’t meet you when they said they would. Your brain immediately tries to solve the mystery of why they didn't show up. You jump to conclusions based on your view of life.

Sometimes people are naughty, but chances are they just forgot. Meanwhile, you’ve created an entire imaginary story that’s not real. Unfortunately, the feelings and emotions you experienced are real.

Understanding this is the beginning of problem-solving and conflict resolution. Our imagination can run wild if we let it and no one has a wilder imagination than a child. In order to protect yourself from your own imagination, there are ground rules to help you recognize “crow thoughts.”

"Crow thoughts" is a term that describes bad thoughts that rob you of good thoughts—like the way a crow steals seeds from a field. You can't help it if a bad thought flies into your head, but you do have a choice to let it stay and build a nest or to swoosh it away.

Children need to understand the difference between good thoughts and crow thoughts and what to do when they come. Here's a quick guide to help you keep the crows from landing!

1. Not everything is as it seems.

2. Always give the benefit of the doubt.

3. Refuse to make a decision until you have all the facts.

4. Only let good thoughts land.

5. Be a no-fly zone (Don’t let any bad thoughts fly around in your head!)

You’ll discover in the next few lessons that our thoughts, good or bad, are just like seeds. They grow, so we must guard the good ones and quickly pluck out the bad ones so they can’t grow into giant lies our brain believes.

Step #2 - Train your brain to think!

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