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Students who use this tool are more likely to show kindness to others and make wise choices

Did you know your heart has a brain? Well, a type of intelligence anyway. It is the only other organ in the body that has neurons [the thinking cells found in the brain].

These neurons give your heart a kind of thinking/feeling system all of its own. Some scientists call it your second brain or your mini-brain. They are wired to work together to form a check and balance system to help you make wise choices. Your brain is so wired to win, it gave itself a second brain to double-check its work.

Because your brain is so smart it can figure out how to do almost anything—even things it shouldn’t. Have you ever had that weird feeling that something wasn’t right? That’s your heart warning your head to consider your feelings.

Your brain can justify anything. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Every action has a consequence; some you can’t undo. Consequences are like weed seeds. You won’t even know you’ve planted them until weeds start growing in your life.

On the other hand, your feelings can overwhelm your head and drive you to do things because they “feel” good. That’s why you need both your heart and your head to help you make the best possible choices. The well-trained brain learns to listen until both agree. You’ll know when they do because they release chemicals in your body that make you feel happy and peaceful. You know when they don’t because they release different kinds of chemicals that leave you feeling uneasy and nervous.

Kids love knowing they have an internal monitor that sounds the alarm if either your heart or your head does not pass the Heart-Head test. For instructions on how to teach children to use their Heart-Head checker, get the whole Championeers! Cowpie County Adventure to teach children how to solve problems, think happy, healthy thoughts, and discover their incredible worth!

Step #11 - Train your brain to win!

For Happy, Healthy Homes and Schools!


Deanna Rhinehart, Championeers! Emotional Safety Education Systems | 11 of 12 Cowpie County ESE Adventures!



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