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Overcoming obstacles or are they overcoming you? Here are 3 hidden keys to breaking through

One of the most important lessons you can teach a child is to realize their greatest weakness is often their greatest strength in disguise.

I know that seems backward, but history has shown us almost every great leader learned to overcome adversity by first overcoming it in their own lives. Here are three principals that everyone should understand about the gift of adversity.

1. Everyone faces adversity of some kind.

I once heard a motivational speaker share a phrase his mama used to tell him. She said, "Everyday is an opportunity disguised as obsticles waiting for you to figure out." and then as every good mama should, she followed up with, "Get over it and go figure it out."

When you realize life is hard for most people it flips the powerless mindset of victimization into the soil of motivation, resiliance, and tenacity.

2. Everyone has the ability to write their own story.

There's an old 70's song called Dust in the Wind. Even as a kid I'd hear the lyrics, "All we are is dust in the wind," and I'd think to myself, "Well, that's depressing!" I didn't want to believe that I could never change my circumstances. In fact, I based my life, even as a child, on making choices and decisions that would change my destiny. I didn't want to walk the same path those around me had taken, so I watched peole, and learned, and determined to not make the same mistakes.

Once we realize we have choices, it changes everything! We're not stuck. We're not victims. We are not dust being blown by the whisy of circumstances. We write our own stories even when the current chapter has been hyjacked and life deals us injustices; we get to choose if those elements will destroy us or become the ink from which we write the next chapter.

3. Own your choices or they'll own you.

One of the most empowering mindsets you can develop is that of ownership. Own your thoughts. Own your choices. Own your actions. Own your past. Own your future. Own your success and own your failures. Powerful people look at the circumstances in their life and they own them.

If you can own them, then you can change them.

It has nothing to do with guilt or fault, or whether they are good or bad. It's just how your brain works.

A powerful example of this is demonstrated in AA recovery meetings. The first step toward recovery for alcohol or drug additiction is to own the problem. As long as an addict refuses to acknowledge he has a problem the switch in his brain that's required to fix the problem will not activate.

If you recall, your brain is a giant problem-solving machine. If you don't have a problem, it won't try to solve it. When you acknowledge there's a problem your brain goes to work to fix it.

Step #12 - Train your brain to take action!

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