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Kids hear over 400 negative words a day. How many positive words does it take to equalize them?

Experts tell us it takes 7 positive words to counteract one negative comment leaving a 3,000 positive-word deficit in a child's emotional bank account each day!

Words are more than just words. They are the building blocks of self-image, self-worth, self-talk, and sabotaging mindsets. It's no wonder image is at the root of most critical youth issues.

A single unkind event or word can change a child's perspective of themselves for the rest of their lives. Words hurt. They cut deep, and unlike a skinned knee that heals and is quickly forgotten, words literally transform into the very cells of our brain, shaping who we are and how we respond to the world around us. Words are to emotional health what DNA is to biology.

Pretty heavy stuff!

According to the article, Bad is Stronger Than Good the four contributing experts stated, “Many good events can overcome the psychological effects of a single bad one, [But] when equal measures of good and bad are present, however, the psychological effects of bad ones outweigh those of the good ones.”

We'll never be able to protect a child's tender little ears and eyes from everything they see and hear but here are some steps you can take to help neutralize the effects.

  1. Consciously adopt a life-style of positive speech and thought.

  2. Be slow to anger, quick to praise.

  3. Look for the best in others and focus on their positive qualities, not their negative ones, then be an over-the-top exhorter and compliment them often.

  4. Monitor screen time and social media. It's not just vulgar language that affects children, it's the overall tone and underlying message.

  5. Monitor your child's friendships. You can't choose your child's friends but you can choose the group from which they choose their friends. Children absolutely become like those they hang around so encourage social groups of like-minded kids that will encourage and speak kindly to each other.

The thoughts we think attract and promote similar thoughts. They either turn into happy, healthy brain matter that lives to create or negative brain matter that can destroy our ability to succeed. They are the foundational building blocks of who we are. Provide emotionally safe homes and schools for children to grow in their creativity and teach them to guard their thoughts by first guarding their eyes and ears.

Step #9 - Train your brain to create!

Use these tools with the Championeers! ESE Unit, Cowpie County to teach children how to solve problems, think happy, healthy thoughts, and discover their incredible worth!

For Happy, Healthy Homes and Schools!


Deanna Rhinehart, Championeers! Emotional Safety Education Systems | 9 of 12 Cowpie County ESE Adventures!



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