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Are kids born with attitude or is it learned? 3 things you must know about nature and nurture

Perhaps one of the more eye-opening realities of parenting and teaching is that some children enter the world just wanting to snuggle while others demand you cater to their every whim!

If you are like most parents and educators you've experienced the shock of how different each child is with temperaments that can range from pastel to ultra neon— from the moment they come out of the womb. It's mindblowing.

What I think is comical are the parents who have never had a truly NEON child. They consider a few fits to be "hard." They are usually the ones gloating over their parenting skills as their calm children sit in the shopping cart while yours flail themselves on the grocery store floor. Yeah, I know all about this reaction because my first child was off-the-charts strong-willed combined with ADHD before that was even a thing. More than one grandma was convinced she was demon-possessed (and told me so). Just sayin'. Until you have one of these special little people in your life, you just don't get it.

Desperate to figure out how to keep my beautiful little girl from destroying her life, and ours, I went back to college and got a degree in psychology with an emphasis in child development. None of their tools worked either, so I kept digging and experimenting until I had tools that used my child's natural bent to empower her instead of sabotage her.

Be encouraged. It doesn't happen overnight but these tools work. Neither is this a one-time fix. The same NEON attitudes that require SO MUCH PARENTING as a child will require even more creative parenting through the teen and college years. Be consistent, be mindful and be proactive. Children who learn how to self-monitor are more likely to self-monitor as teens and adults.

So here's the scoop.

1. Yes, your child is born with certain personality traits and dispositions. We refer to this as their nature.

2. Yes, some little people are naturally compliant and peaceful while others make the Tasmanian Devil look like a bunny. We refer to these children as being NEON. (My own sophisticated label. These children are not bad. By no means. They just need tools [and parents and educators of steal] to properly channel their neon-ness.)

3. Yes, EVERY response, behavior, attitude, personality, and disposition is also learned. We call this nurture.

Championeers is an entire system to equip parents, educators, and children with tools to nurture one's nature for happy, healthy lives. If I had to choose one single tool to aid you with raising and training the children in your care it would be Words of Affirmation. Shower children with affirmation. Definitely address areas to improve but do it from the premise of their incredible, unique value. These affirmations are the "seeds" that form their thoughts. Change how a child thinks about things, for the good, bad or ugly, and they'll produce that harvest in their lives.

The root of almost all behavioral issues, natured or nurtured, is a lack of identity.

Step #7 - Train your brain to love yourself!

Use this tool with the Championeers! ESE Unit, Cowpie County to teach children how to solve problems, think happy, healthy thoughts, and discover their incredible worth!

For Happy, Healthy Homes and Schools!


Deanna Rhinehart, Championeers! Emotional Safety Education Systems | 7 of 12 Cowpie County ESE Adventures!



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