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How to teach children to Stop-Think-Act.

In the early '70s a young black TV host, by the name of Flip Wilson, popularized an old saying in his comedic acts, "The Devil made me do it." We all laughed because we knew, even as kids, that he was naughty all on his own. He didn't need a "devil" to make him do anything.

Much to our parent's dismay, this quote became the fall back of misconduct for the next decade. Happy, healthy schools must tackle ownership of conduct head-on, and relentlessly if there is any hope for healthy campus culture. Since every person, is part of the fabric of your campus culture, every person on your campus needs the tools to be powerful people.

  • Powerful people own their choices and their decisions.

  • Powerless people blame others for their actions and reactions.

  • Powerful people make decisions with consideration for others.

  • Powerless people justify their decisions by validating their feelings.

Once children embrace a leadership mentality, they learn that no one, can make anyone, do anything. Powerful people always have a choice. Now that's a quote you might want to put on your wall.

​​For Happy, Healthy Schools!


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