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How to teach children the power of their agreement.

Part of our survival instincts is to watch what others are doing and saying, and follow suit. Some of us are more independent thinkers than others but for the most part, your amazing brain finds safety and strength when it's in agreement with others.

Most of the time this is a fabulous plan. It keeps us driving down the center of the lane where most others have found safe passage. It's also the basis for peer pressure, the status-quo, mob mentality, and a host of other not-so-healthy things.

We call this the power of agreement.

Crazy thing about the power of agreement is you usually don't know you're in it. It's something you can enter consciously or subconsciously. Either way it is like a contract of the heart that you vow to keep.

Happy, healthy schools use the power of agreement to create positive campus culture. They search out the negative contracts and obliterate them with the tools to flip mindsets, and then they re-establish positive agreements to replace the negative.

Consider school mantras, Inspirational quotes, spontaneous acts of kindness. Your students are going to seek agreement regardless of what you do because it's an innate part of their nature, but you can greatly inspire the things they seek agreement in.

​​For Happy, Healthy Schools!


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