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How to teach children to honor others

Building campus culture without platforms of honor is like building a castle out of sand; the moment the first tide of controversy rises, the castle washes away.

We all get the concept of honor. In fact, acceptance and respect are among our primary emotional needs. Every school preaches it, and every character program teaches it, so why has our culture, in general, become so void of it. More and more we've become a nation of offence and these offenses are reflected in the attitudes of even our youngest students. The irony is many who demand respect and honor refuse to give it.


This is the result of a culture that's become increasingly emotionally unsafe. Children of childhood trauma become adults of childhood trauma. The other extreme of this pendulum is entitlement which produces a worldview that you are somehow owed something instead of living in a world that you contribute to. One reflects the emotional state of survival, the other comes out of self-actualization. As long as we are striving to survive, the world will always owe us something so we can feel okay. Those who are emotionally safe, give out of their security. Those who are not get trapped in a survival of the fittest mode where fight or flight dictate perception.

Championeers! embeds honor into the very fiber of your campus culture through the integration of IQ-EQ connections. That means we go beyond the concepts of honor, to the experiences of honor which internalize it as a way of life.

For Happy, Healthy Schools!


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