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How to teach children to spot a lie

No one has to teach a child to lie. Somehow we master the "un-truth" with remarkable craftsmanships from a very young age. We do, however, have to teach children how to spot lies.

In the Championeers! ESE Unit Pete and the Pirates we use pirates to symbolize anything that comes to steal or destroy your dreams. Pirates don't have their own treasure... they take it from others. If they can't take it from you they'll try to trick you out of it.

This is so reflective of life. Often we will overcome the words and circumstances that try to foil our dreams, only to sabatoge ourselves with our own words.

Happy, healthy schools counter this by teaching students how to spot a lie through a culture of honor that looks for the truth (or gold) in ourselves and others. When "Gold Hunting" becomes a way of life and your tribe's language is that of praise and respect, un-truths have a way of sticking out like a sore thumb.

It doesn't happen over night, but the more your campus culture develops around finding the gold in people, the less your students will fall for tricky pirate lies.

For Happy, Healthy Schools!


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