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How to teach children to hope

Hope is one of the most powerful forces on earth. It is innately in the spirit of humankind, and yet it will lay dormant until the amazing brain asks itself this one simple question, "What if..."

Sometimes there are no apparent answers. Sometimes it seems like there is no way out of a situation. Sometimes your amazing brain has tapped all of its thinking power and still come up empty...

until... a question is asked.

As long as your brain has an unanswered question it searches for the answer. It will go beyond all reason and everything you currently know to wonder if there is something it doesn't know, and then it asks itself more questions.

Unanswered questions provide fuel for the brain to grow neural pathways to make new connections and innovate different possibilities. It's all part of your amazing brain’s wiring to win. While it searches, it tells your will to hang on while you come up with a plan. Your will then tells your heart to stay steady. Teaching children to ask questions is how we teach them to develop hope.

Hope is so important that our super-bodies placed neurons in your heart so when your head gets overwhelmed your heart can encourage it. (Okay, that was super simplictic, but the science is atually there to support it.) This means your heart has its own kind of thinking. It’s true and explains so much of why humans get a gut feeling about things that goes beyond their ability to rationalize it. Hope can spring from our heart, tell your will everything will be okay, which in turn tells your brain to not give up. Your brain basically takes that as its marching orders and continues to search for a solution. It's crazy fantastic how amazing we are.

Happy, healthy schools develop and encourage a culture of hope. Hope isn't just something you have or don't have; it is a learned skill we can teach through Championeers!

For happy, healthy schools!


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