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How to teach children to rewrite their story

Your thoughts and words are very, very powerful. If you tell yourself you can do something your brain says, “Yeah! That’s right. I can." If you tell yourself you can’t do something your brain says, “Okay, your wish is my command.”

When we give children art supplies they create art. When we give them emotional safety tools, they create emotional safety. Since our amazing brain loves to win at whatever plan we give it, we must teach our students how to create powerful life plans!

Far too often the life of a child spins out of control, but if we hand them the wheel to their own ship, and show them how to navigate life, no matter what storms they may be facing or what might come their way, their innate resiliency will sail through it.

The key is in giving a child control of something when everything in their life feels out of control. Our brain is amazing but it is a bit of a control freak. If a child's world feels out of control I guarantee their wonderful, incredible mind will find a way to control something whether it be through withdrawal, drugs, cutting, eating disorders, or suicide their brain will find a way to find some way to win at anything even if it's something devestating.

Your brain’s ability to become what you think and say is called self-fulling prophecy. By handing a child the wheel of their ship and teaching them how to flip their thoughts, you've just given them one of the most powerful tools available.

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