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How to teach children to value others.

People are wired to love and to be loved. We long for a "bestie", search for our soul mate, and even lavish our love on our pets. We innately know that these things are the greatest treasures of all and yet, we can easily lose sight of what's really important when goals and life overwhelm us.

Children are no different. They live in a world that celebrates accomplishments with schedules that often start before the sun rises and continue until they crawl into bed. Actual conversation time with parents can be only minutes a day. This scheduling programs us to achieve goals over relationships.

Our minds are so goal-oriented and "win" driven, we must carefully choose the goals we set for or our tunnel-vision brains or we might miss the real treasures right in front of us. Ironically, there is a special endorphin the brain releases called oxytocin ONLY when we get our relationships right. It's referred to as the love chemical because it makes us feel everything is right with the world and complete.

This is why you can have all the success in the world, yet still feel empty and unsatisfied when relationships fail. The loss causes emotional trauma, which perpetuates a cycle of never being able to do enough to be okay. Children easily fall into this cycle unless we are able to help them identify the true treasures in their life and establish a lifestyle of honor that priorities the value of people over the value of things.

It's not as hard as it sounds. Remember, we innately desire true relationships, so we simply tie into that basic human need to develop a culture of honor.

Happy, healthy schools teach children to look for the "gold" in others and honor people as the treasure they are. When we do, our amazing brain begins to look for ways to protect what we value. When we do, our brain sees that as a win and rewards us with happiness for succeeding at the things we need most.

For Happy, Healthy Schools!


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