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What does popularity and balloons have in common? You might be surprised.

Children follow the “example” of popular peers because they see how others are attracted to them.

This indirect form of peer pressure is called “example” or “conformity.” It’s the powerful force behind fashion and trends. The following activity is a fun way to show students the invisible power of peer pressure through static electricity.


  • 3 balloons

  • 2 chairs

  • A long stick or ruler

  • 2 pieces of string

  1. Blow up all 4 balloons. Set two of them to one side.

  2. Tie a 2 foot-long piece of string around the end of two of them.

  3. Place two chairs back-to-back about three feet apart and place the yard stick across the chair backs.

  4. Tie balloon strings to the yardstick about 2 inches apart so they hang about 6 inches below it.

  5. Hold one of the extra balloons near the hanging balloons. There should be no reaction.

  6. Rub the extra balloon in your hair then hold it next to the hanging balloons. They should be drawn to it.

The balloons are attracted to the energy that was created by rubbing the balloon through your hair. No energy, no attraction. Not ony does peer pressure act in a similar way. Students also repond to teachers who show intentionality and enthusiasm as they teach. The more energy you interject, the more likely your students will be drawn to you and the subject matter you're teaching. It's the same law of attraction at work.

For fun, try teaching one of your subjects the way a camp counselor would rally his cabin to win a team competition and just see if you notice any difference in the enthusiasm level and engagement of your students. It's the experience that cements the concepts you're teaching, not the information. Take note that a great camp counselor commands so much respect and controle over his team, he can quite them down in a matter of seconds and redirect their attention. In a child's world, it's all one big awesome game so practice your dynamic "camp counselor" techniques and consider how you can tie your lesson concepts to an activity in the funnest of ways?

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