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Turn everything into a game

Your students love to have FUN and they love to play games!!!

If your school is planning the optional self-funding event, The Caveman Carnival,

you’re most likely already gathering your carnival games. Every carnival game is a classroom game just waiting to happen. These are easily incorporated into your lessons to support subject standards. Just modify to fit your subject. Remember, the more subjects and visual reminders you associate with your ESE unit the more happy chemicals are released and the more experiential connections are made.

  • Quarry Rock Fishing Booth: Fish for notes (math equations, vocabulary words, etc). Students receive a fish shape with either a staff note or a note name written on it. Students can either say the name of the note or run to the board and place it on the staff.

  • Caveman Rock Toss: Create a basic tic-tac-toe board on the ground with tape or chaulk. Place a note value in each of the boxes. Let your students take turns tossing a rock-shaped beanbag on the tossing board. Write the note value your bean bag lands onto the chaulk board. Every every student has taken a turn and added their note value contribution, count out the measures and then clap the rhythms. Modify for math by adding numbers to your tic-tac-toe board. Instead of placing note values on the board, add numbers. Keep tossing until you reach the exact amount of a designated goal. You must continue taking turns until the exact number to complete the equation is tossed.

  • Caveman Cake Walk: Place music symbol cards on the ground in a giant circle, just like a cake walk. Have students carefully walk around the circle until the music stops. When the music stops, students pick up their music symbol cards, return to their circle seats and share with the class what card they are holding. You can play this game with vocabulary words, science terms or math symbols.

These games can be modified a thousand ways. Be creative but most importantly, have fun. The only thing kids love more than playing games is winning, so make everyone a winner. Points are free! Give students a hundred points for every right answer! There’s nothing better than seeing 10,000 points on the board!

Together, we can do this,


Get out of the rat race and come home to your family.

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