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It's all about the timing

Championeers! is carefully sequenced to gain maximum benefit in the least amount of time. So how can we get so much out of so little time? It's all about the experience! Quality over quantity has never been as true as it is in Championeers!

As a culture we suffer from information overload. Instead of trying to "teach" your students the concepts in Championeers, let the "experience" do the teaching! This is your 5-minute-moment to command the room like a master storyteller. If your students are drifting... change it up. Jump to your feet then quickly sit down. It's simon says without the Simon or the "Says". Students love a good game, so lead them into the world of discovery and usually even the wiggliest will follow. If they are chatty... channel that chatter into your Championeers! lesson by having everyone yell their Championeers! motto at their highest decimal...

"See it, Believe it, Never Give Up!"

...and the minute they've finished yellling the chant have them whisper it as quietly as they can.

Much of your success will depend on your mastery of the fast-paced classes. If you are a quiet, shy-type, you'll need to pretend your not for Championeers! Your engagement alone is often enough to pull all your students into the moment.

Remember that you must change up activities every few minutes. The rule of thumb is children can focus one minute for every year of their age. For example, the maximum time limit for a 5-year-old is 5 minutes. I use the half-life approach myself and do everything in half the time the experts suggest. Marketing studies on adults, show that we begin to lose interest after 10 seconds if something does not change in a media presentation (such as a PowerPoint presentation or a commercial). Our media-driven world totally impacts the pace at which we must now teach to keep students engaged.

We are not suggesting a new activity every ten seconds but you do need to constantly vary how and what you are teaching.

Music teachers, even if you are working on the same song for more than 5 minutes you can change it up by teaching it multiple ways in multiple layers. For example, have your students sit and tap a steady beat for the verse, then jump to their feet and dance the chorus, then back to criss-cross applesauce possition for the next verse. Anything that keeps their brain engaged and their hands and feet occupied is a winning strategy. It’s one of the reasons that we teach choreography in conjunction with the lyrics. The important thing is keep it fun, and keep it moving.

Together, we can do this,


Get out of the rat race and come home to your family.

Peer Power Online - FREE!

  • Review, clarify, and go deeper than your onsite training.

  • Audio allows you to listen as you commute or in class.

  • Earn optional professional development credits.

— Onsite training is an awesome way to get your entire school on board, but the online class goes far deeper. I encourage you to experience both trainings for optimum benefit. You can even earn optional professional development credits through our partner college. Click Here for details.


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