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 $50,000 School Grants Available

for Emotional Safety Education






The U.S. averages one school shooting per week!

One in four youth seriously consider suicide, one in six have a suicide plan, and two million attempt it every year. That's more than all the students in the states of WA, OR, ID, and HI combined, every, single year. Suicide and homicide are now the 2nd and 3rd leading causes of death among children as young as 10-years old! Nothing has worked against this overwhelming force—until now!

"Laws cannot heal broken people, but we have something that can help keep people from breaking in the first place."

An Idaho non-profit organization donates grants worth up to $50,000 in training and resources per school, for emotional safety education.


"Everyone is looking for answers. We have them, with 30 years of success stories behind them—and we're giving them away, so every child can attend emotionally safe schools!"


"Emotional Safety Education (ESE) can help eradicate the root causes behind some of our nation's toughest youth issues," says Deanna Rhinehart, a forerunner in emotional safety education. She explains that current programs aren't working because they use external methods to address internal issues. "It's like putting a band-aid on a severed artery." ESE works because it connects IQ with EQ to address bullying, suicide, and addictions while simultaneously building leadership, character, and self-worth. It enables educators to reach those kids that are in pain, suffering alone and in silence as well as the high achievers.


No one is missed because everyone becomes an equal, interdependent, celebrated part of the ESE school-wide programs. It’s not a matter of getting the right help to the “troubled” kids, it’s getting the right tools to all the kids.


"We didn't set out to develop a system, we developed people and, in the process, discovered seven essential elements required for emotional safety— and when students feel safe, they tap into the limitless potential of who they really are."


According to the Center for Disease Control ACES research, there is a direct correlation between adverse childhood experiences (ACE), school performance, and life outcome. Deanna's research takes this one step further to reveal campus culture itself is not emotionally safe unless ESE is implemented. 


Deanna's team knew they had discovered gold when every school they tested produced almost overnight results with ecstatic kids begging to go to school. Their goal is to end the incredible pain and unrealized potential of beautiful children and amazing young people so they are providing the ESE System and Grants to schools to develop emotionally safe campuses for every child.


100% of the ESE training resources are free to help teachers, legislators, church and community leaders understand what's sabotaging our youth, and what they can do to fix it. There's an early prevention system as well as a high school intervention system. Schools that choose to implement ESE on their campus receive extended grants that cover everything except their student's leadership packs. Once the program is implemented it is SELF-FUNDING from that point on! 


Deanna and her team are asking for your help to get these resources to your school.


"With 5,000 youth suicide attempts each day, and campus violence intensifying, time is measured in the lives of precious children." 


It just takes one person to get the whole system rolling in your community and schools.  For more information go to or call 208-741-1947. | 208-741-1947

(c) 2018 Deanna Rhinehart

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