There is no price you can place on the life of a single child so we don't. 5,000 precious kids a day are suffering alone and in silence. We want every child to be emotionally safe so we provide online ESE training to any educator, law enforcer or first responder, 100% free.




Nothing of value is without cost to someone. Our family and development team paid a high price to create the ESE System so every school could provide emotional safety education to their students.


.there is an investment


We take care of you so you can focus on your students. Your part of the partnership is to provide student leadership packs for every student so they have the tools they need for emotional safety internalization. There are additional grants for student resources and once the initial packs are purchased the entire program is self-funding from that point on! Yup! That's amazing!





... and once Championeers! is implemented it's self-funding