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Welcome to Click-Classes. This interactive format keeps things simple so you can have as much fun as your students developing campus culture and emotional safety without all the prep! As an education expert, you'll catch the concepts quickly and can use them as a springboard in your classroom.  Here are a few instructions to help you quickly and easily implement your Click-Classes. 


Below is a snapshot of your Cowpie County Click-Class overview. (The examples are provided from various units but they all function the same.) You can access it from your "Lesson Overview" email. Keep this reference handy for easy access. NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS RESOURCE IN LIEU OF YOUR WEEKLY BLOG WHICH CONTAINS BOTH THE TEACHER TRAINING LESSON AND YOUR STUDENT RESOURCES. 

Overview Snapshot.jpg

In addition to your resource overview page, I'll send you the Click-Class you'll need each week. This makes it super easy to know exactly where you are in the sequence and have all your resources at your fingertips. Your first link box contains your lesson overview and/or any downloads and your second box contains the link to your Click-Class prezi. Click-Classes are meant to be projected to your classroom screen from your phone, pad, or computer emails. The following snapshot is a typical weekly lesson email.

Whoohoo... so easy! Just point and click!

Resource Page Snapshot.jpg

When you open your Click-Class "Adventure Theater" you'll need this password to access your subscription: Cowpie20. The password is case sensitive and is typically only needed the first time you login through your device.

Password Snapshot.jpg

Once you are in your Click-Class subscription you have access to all of your video adventures from one central location. Your weekly lesson will be the highlighted video in the center of your screen. Simply click the "present" button to activate it. I like using a handheld clicker so I'm never distracted by tech, but you can navigate from your keypad or designate a student leader to take the controls for a day.

Pete and the Pirates prezi page.jpg

Your Click-Class appears on your screen. Maximize to full-screen with the arrows in the bottom right-hand corner.

Pete and the Pirates prezi page - 2.jpg

Full-Screen viewing.

Easy-Peezy! You're ready to go!  Remember, your classroom Click-Class edition coordinates with the music edition. These pieces work together to help reinforce the unit's emotional safety concepts throughout the school. The classroom edition focuses on  STEM projects and Leadership Challenges. On purpose we did not include the Adventure Theater video in your edition. Instead, we want your students to retell the story to you! They love it and it's an important part of the ESE system that we'll talk more about it. 

Full-screen view. Each Click-Class follows the same basic format to provide a predictable structure and flow for students.

Prezi Background.jpg

Now let's take a look at each of these Click-Class bubbles and how to use them. Click until you reach bubble #1. Click again to maximize the video. Waite for just a moment and the Championeers! Roll Call will automatically begin playing. Use the music as an audible queue for your students to quickly put away their current studies and transition to Championeers! "circle time". Let students dance and sing the Championeers! Roll Call loudly in their circle place but drop to the floor sitting in the criss-cross (applesauce) position, hands folded in lap and silent by the last note. Make it a race.  Each student should have a designated place in the circle. It is imperative to practice the "race" before the first time you play the music so your students know the rules and expectations. Try it a couple of times before the music is played... then try it with the music. Provide great praise for your lightning bolts and do it once more for the wigglers to practice being a lightning bolt. You may even want to offer a reward for the one who hits the ground the fastest and quietest... perhaps they are your "Clicker" for the day or a class line leader in the hall. How about an entire class reward if everyone does it lightning fast?!

Click on the button for Full-Screen.

Pete and the Pirates prezi button mock u

Full-screen view. Will auto-play when loaded.

Roll Call.jpg

Click past bubble #2. There is an old promo in there waiting for the new shiny promo to take it's place. You can watch it for fun or click past it. In case you are not familiar with Prezi, practice navigating by following the steps below to get to bubble #3.

Pete and the Pirates prezi button mock u

Click on the bottom navigation arrow to move to bubble #2

PP button 2.jpg

Click on the bottom navigation arrow to zoom into and play video.

Click navigation arrow again to move to workbook bubble

Brittney shared the story intro in class. Ask your students to tell you about it. We purposefully did not include Adventure Theater episodes in the classroom edition. The collective retelling of the story, by a class to their loved teacher, is all part of the ESE system and reinforces multiple ESE elements. Establish good sharing rules and tools, allowing students to clarify their recollection of the story in safety from rejection. This portion of your involvement is very important but will only be as impactful as your reaction so have fun and way overreact your responses. 

Click to bubble #3. Click again to play video. Wait for just a moment while it loads.

Pete and the Pirates prezi button mock u

Full-screen view. Will auto-play when loaded.

PP button 3.jpg

Click again to see your STEM Lesson pages.

Grades K-1 and 2-6 have been provided age-appropriate application lessons. Discuss workbook pages in class. 

Grades K-1 Workbook Overview

Lesson 1 - web.jpg

Grades 2-6 Workbook Overview

Lesson 1 - web.jpg

Click to bubble #4. Click again to enlarge. Discuss Championeers! rewards and incentives.

PP button 4.jpg

Click to bubble #5. Click again to enlarge. Champ Chat is the time to discuss the lesson and tie it back to the STEM lesson.

PP button 5.jpg

Click to bubble #6. Click again to enlarge. Your leadership challenges are very simple. You'll notice that many of them are quite similar. That's because we are focusing on the integration of problem-solving skills and life tools. We don't need a lot of them to make a profound difference, but they do need to become an automatic response. 

Lesson 1 - the problem with pirates - we

I'll be sending you additional instructions, tips and tricks, and extras bonuses throughout the unit. This is a pilot school and the research you are taking part in is so important. I want to hear from you so we can tackle any concerns, issues, ideas or questions together. If your kids come up with a fun idea in class, send it to me! We'll be highlighting the best ones in our Championeers! Blog, and providing platforms for your students and classes to be honored. Most of all remember to have lots and lots of fun! 


Developing emotional safety on your campus is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. It can even save their lives.


Together, we can do this.


Deanna and Brittney

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